Hi Peter
Just picked up the package. The Shirt fits perfectly!!! I love the embroidered name on the pocket! Looks so sharp! The other two shirts also fits perfectly and the tie is neat!

Thanks so much!

Martin - Toronto Canada

Dear Peter:
My shirt and trousers arrived today. I am very please with the quality of workmanship, fabrics, etc and also with how quickly the order was completed. The fit is good, especially with the shirt. I will make some very minor adjustments to the trouser measurements on future orders. All-in-all a very good experience for a first time experiment especially given that I did most of my own measuring.

Again, thank you.

Robert - Germany

Dear Peter,
I would like to formally thank you for your wonderful tailoring! I recently got back from my wedding and honeymoon. Your Tux was a big hit at the wedding. I referred you to many of many friends Ė so you should be getting further orders from the States, Middle East and the U.K. So again thank you all for your excellent work. I was wondering if I wanted to continue to order suits from you Ė do you still have my measurements on file or would I have to get measured again

Kindest regards,


Hello Mr. Peter
The first suit arrived, and it was fantastic, beautifully tailored. It fit like a charm. Please send the remaining three suits at your earliest convenience. I look forward to ordering many more of your products. Thank you for a very enjoyable experience in getting fitted, and in a wonderful product.

Gregory - USA

Dear Peter
I received the shirts last week. They are wonderful. You are a true master at your work. I have a casual shirt that I like how it fits me. If I send the shirt to you, would be able to replicate the sizing and make some shirts for me that fit the same way?

Scott - Netherland

Dear Peter
I received the shirt today and I am very happy with it. For the next 5 shirts that you make I would however like to make a couple of small adjustments. I would like these shirts as soon as possible (this week if possible). You can charge the fee to the same credit card that I gave you previously if you still have the details.

Many thanks in advance

Ben - USA

Hi Peter
I received the first suit yesterday and I think itís the best fitting suit you have made for me. Letís go ahead and make the next two. The only small alteration I will suggest is for the shirts. Can you take the shirts in (chest and stomach) by another Ĺ inch? Great work and Iíll look forward to receiving the rest of the order. Thanks.

Brent - UK.